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Business Summary for ZONECOM, INC.

ZONECOM, INC. is an business incorporated in California, USA on January 1, 1970. Their business is recorded as . It is not part of a group. The company was incorporated 48 years ago.

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Key Financials of ZONECOM, INC.

Key Financials are available for ZONECOM, INC.. Accounts are required to be filed on or before 20/12/2013.

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Directors and Secretaries of ZONECOM, INC.

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Current Officer NameAppointed
Mr Jake Roland 2015-06-30
Mr Mark Zucker 2014-06-30
Mr Anton White 2013-06-30

Company Accounts of ZONECOM, INC.

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Annual AccountsDate Filed
Made up to 2015-05-302015-06-30
Made up to 2014-05-302014-06-30
Made up to 2013-05-302013-06-30

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